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they're one of the most beautiful creature in the world.

Doodle of my fav cutie girls (*≧▽≦)


This is the 2nd report of Hirarin’s adventures in Taiwan (first report here).  This was more of the “private” part of his trip.  He loved the Chinese food, especially the Taiwan men (Taiwanese noodles).  He ordered the famous tapioca milk tea in medium size and was shocked at how huge the medium was.

Rei-chan and his fans! (‘∀’●)♡

Mikoto Nikki translated by Terriball


I’ve been recently informed that Mikoto Nikki, the first in Charon’s series of yandere horror games, has recenly been translated by Terriball, a user at /jp/



I’ve been planning on doing this translation myself for some time, but I guess someone else got to it first. Well, good for all of us, I guess.

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